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B.Carney and I.Getz "Freedom, Inc. Free Your Employees and Let Them Lead Your Business to Higher Productiv-ity, Profits, and Growth"
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Автор: Vladimir Shper   
22.05.2013 11:56

I have just finished reading the book "Freedom, Inc. Free Your Employees and Let Them Lead Your Business to Higher Productiv-ity, Profits, and Growth" by B.Carney and I.Getz. Wonderful, very interesting and very important book. The authors gathered information about several long-term successful companies organized w/o bureaucracy, w/o command-and-control style of mgmt, w/o hierarchy, etc. People enjoy freedom, make decisions and take responsibilities there. These companies are based on trust and very simple principle: all people within company should be treated as intrinsically equal. The leaders of these companies want to work with friends rather than labor force. The authors show that the creation and long existance of such – liberated – companies is possible only from the top and only if trust and respect to all people are based on real deeds and actions of the boss (words, mission statements, rules and procedures do not work…). There is much common with Deming, Semler, Hsieh, Toyota, etc. I think - IMHO - this is the only way to overcome numerous world and my country problems, but the process of such companies creation is so slow that whether we perish before or not - I don't know...