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"The Essential Deming. Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality" (The W. Edwards Deming Institute, 2013)
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Written by Vladimir Shper   
Friday, 09 August 2013 00:50

Dear friends, I've just finished reading the book "The Essential Deming. Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality" (The W. Edwards Deming Institute, 2013). My brief resume:


Good collection of WED's notes, comments, letters, articles, lectures and speeches in different places and in front of different people. Some of them relate to events that took place 70, 60, 50 or 40 years ago – they show how the accents of WED's thinking had been changing during time… Some pieces are obviously the parts from either "OOC" or "TNE". Nevertheless I think this book is very important and valuable. It let you quickly find out the idea of WED you are interested in at this very moment and – in many cases – find it being expressed by several different words so you can choose the wording especially appropriate to the moment…The book can be read from any page and in any order (of course I imply that the reader had already read WED's books – this one is not assigned for the first acquaintance). Besides some phrases and paragraphs add and specify some ideas showing what WED meant and how he supposed his assertion could be realized in practice. Using the words of WED about W. Shewhart I'd like to say that "Another half-century may pass before the full spectrum of Dr. Deming contributions has been revealed in liberal education, science, and industry". This book - I hope - will help this to happen. So I think that Deming followers have to thank Joyce Orsini for her huge efforts.